Sunday, July 17, 2005

Who's your Daddy?

We've been busy with work and families of late, but we thought the following feedback might also stir the thinking of others:

"You raise some really interesting points. Cleveland has its issues, but it also has a lot to offer. I particularly liked your entry on 'Waiting for Godot.' But do you think Clevelanders can overcome their inferiority complex enough to save their own city? Or are they so firmly entrenched in waiting for someone/something to provide the answer?

"I watch as people wait anxiously to see if Dan Gilbert (love him or hate him) will resurrect the CAVS and they'll be the savior that causes people to flock to Cleveland. I heard Gilbert speak recently and someone asked him about Cleveland and Detroit. His comment was how surprised he was at how much Clevelanders bash their own city because that doesn't happen in Detroit. Detroit is facing similar issues ― some much worse ― but the people there have a different attitude. He is so right. Detroiters expect if they work hard enough, they'll eventually get what they want. Clevelanders expect if they work hard enough, they'll get close to what they want before someone snatches it away.

"I love Cleveland. I just wish sometimes the natives would appreciate the region as much as the transplants do."

These comments were offered by a Michigan native in her '30s who is a NEO homeowner and is frequently resisting calls from family to return home.